Adele - Hello (HOT NEW cover by Basic Desire)


Basic Desire - Hold Me




Basic Desire - Once again


"A woman sits lonely on her bed in a dark, small room, preparing for a peaceful night's sleep. Suddenly she feels a sharp pain in her chest and realizes it's going to be her last night. But this does not sadden her and a sudden wave of vaguely touchable memories lightens up her face. She smiles spontaneously. His face becomes as vivid as it was all those years ago, when she could feel his warm breath and delicate touch. She knows she will be with him again soon, without any pain, saddness or separation. She knows that true love lasts forever. With a smile on her face she goes to sleep, from which she will not awaken, until she is with him once again...."



Basic Desire - Come back (part two)


This song is dedicated to all the soldiers who are defending our country and to all their families...



Basic Desire - 'My heart will go on' - cover



"LIES" by Basic Desire


We are constantly being lied to by the media and politicians. Lying is now almost synonymous with some professions: politician = a professional liar, media reporter - a professional liar....TV = idiot box. Actually, it is not the idiot box, but the people who watch it are the idiots. They believe in all they see on TV, as it makes their intelligence and creativity subnormal. We are all surrounded by lies. Some of them are exposed in this short film.



Are you sick and tired of mainstream music loaded with occult symbols and witchcraft , which is constantly pushed down your throat by the corrupt music industry?

Are you looking for something meaningful, honest and tasty?

Then you came to the right place!

No NWO symbolism - only beautiful music with the message of love.

And this is why Basic Desire is not supported and promoted by the mainstream media.



basic desire


an Australian duo who combine electronic sounds with melodic vocals, creating lush ambient landscapes.

band members


Paulina Caine - vocalist/lyricist

Henry Kubik - composer/producer



copyright (c) 2007 Henry Kubik all rights reserved.